Naming Ceremonies

A new baby is a wonderful time for all the family,  a new life brings joy to all concerned. Many parents are opting for less traditional services giving then scope to create a ceremony for them.


Celebrate the Naming your baby

A new baby in the family is a wonderful time for all the family,  a new life brings joy to all concerned. Many parents are opting for the less traditional services and this allows the parents scope for creating a ceremony more suited to their own beliefs. This is a wonderful time to bring together friends and family and allow them to share in the blessing and naming ceremony.

You may want to encourage your other children to take part or have a traditional god-parent or earth mother as an alternative. As we welcome the child into the world prayers and blessing can be added by the family.

You can have a naming ceremony on any day of the week, the venue is entirely a personal choice. I am happy to discuss ideas with you but here are some you may wish to incorporate into your day.

  • Write a small poem
  • Create a keepsake journal
  • Name a star after the baby and bring and present the certificate on the day
  • Plant a tree
  • Get a professional horoscope

I can also offer the more traditional service or work with you towards a more bespoke naming day.

The fee will include: one or two meetings with the family, writing and planning the ceremony in accordance with your wishes, preparing the ceremony of which a copy will be sent to you for approval in advance, and conducting the ceremony on the day.

Although this is a formal baby-naming ceremony, it holds no legal status and your child must still be registered at a local registry office within the legal time span.


They start from £395.00, with £100 deposit. Balance is due one month before your baby naming date. See FAQs

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