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Handfasting or the tradition of tying two people together (Tying the knot) is centuries old, you can have a full pagan wedding or just add elements of the tradition into your ceremony.

This is a lovely practice of uniting two people. A beautiful hand made cord is gifted to the couple once the blessings is done. This is your day and you can incorporate anything that makes you feel comfortable.

Paula has performed several handfasting ceremonies over the years and is happy to discuss any aspect or style of ceremony you would like to include in your day/eve

You may want to have some of these in the ceremony rather than a full pagan wedding:

  • A unity candle
  • Broomstick
  • Gifts exchanged
  • A natural flower crown or garland

We have a top photographers that can capture your special ceremony.

We are always on the look out for new beach venues for our portfolio.

Celebrant Paula Wratten

I am constantly building a large variety of themes and venues where you can hold your ceremony.

Ceremonies held by Celebrants can be held almost anywhere you can imagine.

So I aim to fulfill your dreams with the perfect venue and ceremony style, created just for you.

For more information on creating your ideal Ceremony email:

Traditonal Pagan Cermoney

Traditional Pagan Ceremony - at Pagan Sites

Traditional Pagan Themed Weddings

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Traditional Pagan Weddings

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Full Five Star Experience

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Full Five Star Wedding

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Beach Weddings

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Eco-Friendly Wedding

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Eco-Friendly Wedding

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